Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I absolutely love biting into an enormous cream puff and the filling literally bursts out of the puff (for lack of better words) and you have to use your free hand to catch all of the goodness that is coming out the other sides so that none of it is wasted falling on a napkin or heaven forbid the floor.

  • pâte à choux, crème chantilly, crème patisserie, and lots of chocolate.


  1. The cream filling is definitely the best part of a cream puff. Don't waste a single dribble!

  2. You definitely wouldn't want to lose any of that filling!

  3. i like pate a choux (although i'm tempted to say 'bless you' whenever someone mentions it...), but i LOVE a good cream filling. it's the most important part by far! :)